Friday, May 7, 2010

Step 315: Play the lottery for the stories not for the money

The lottery is sometimes known as the stupid tax and with good reason. Individuals can sink thousands of dollars buying MegaMillions or Powerball tickets hoping to hit it big and be set for life. The odds are overwhelmingly not in their favor but millions upon millions of people still play them (hence the term, the stupid tax). I don’t play often but I do play from time to time for because I have a great imagination and it’s cheap entertainment.

From time to time, I’ll feel lucky. On those days I’ll buy a lottery ticket and for the rest of the night, my girlfriend and I, will tell stories of our lavish future when we win the lottery. I can spend hours talking and planning what do with my newly inflated bank account. That’s what is great about the lottery to me, for $1 I have the cheapest form of entertainment money can buy.

What would I do with the money?

Well, realistically I would pay off all my loans and debt.  I would then withdraw about $100,000 of it to live off and travel with for the next year.  The rest?  Invest it and live off the dividends the rest of my life. I would then start a non-profit in a cause I really believe in and be happy the rest of my life.


So let’s say I was hammered the whole time and I wasn’t going to be as smart with my money.  I’d first pay off all my loans and debt.  Then I would go ahead and pay off immediate family members debt. I’d sit down and talk with each of them and ask what they want out of life and how I can help.

Next, I would secure a Real Worldesque type of house and ask my closest friends to take off of work for the next year and I’ll pay them each enough to make it worth it. It would be a memorable year full of debauchery and hedonism. We would obviously travel as well by hopping on my private jet.

After that year, my most business minded friends and I would turn the rest of the millions I have into even more millions. We would then buy an NFL franchise and we would run it better than any fantasy team we could imagine.

And so on and so on. This was just written in five minutes with no real thought. This is why I play the lottery from time to time and if you ever need cheap entertainment go ahead and try your luck. Also, never ever pick your numbers. The week you don’t play will be the week those numbers come up.