Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Step 15: Find a Girlfriend That's In On The Joke

If you are going to do anything at all, make sure to turn the dial to eleven. This past Christmas, my girlfriend and I wanted to take a Christmas photo we could send out as a card.  What started as a sweet idea turned into the suuuuuhhhhhweet card:

The homemade method behind the tacky after the jump.

The first step was to decide on outfits and make sure they were beyond Christmasy.  There's a nice recycled clothing store on State Street, Madison that we bought the vests and turtle necks at: http://www.ragstock.com/  The whole time we were shopping for our outfits I tried to envision myself as a sex offender with a Christmas fetish.

After we had the outfits, I looked for a photo studio that wouldnt take itself too seriously and would not be offended by us mocking a lame Christmas tradition for many families.  The photo hut in the mall was perfect as the young ladies that were working there wanted nothing to do with their jobs in the first place.  But then Amira had a great idea to just take the photos in our own apartment.

I setup a makeshift studio (turned on a lamp...) and we were good to go.  I googled for some holiday backgrounds and photoshopped us on top.  Fiddled with the contrast and color settings to infuse a bit more Christmas spirit and bahzinga...awesomely cheesy Christmas photo.

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