Monday, January 11, 2010

Unsee This - Sports Logo Edition

The Brewer's old logo is a catching mitt...'s also a "m" and a "b" for the Milwaukee Brewers.  More after the jump.

The Atlanta Falcons logo is a red and white falcon in mid-flight...'s also the letter "F" as in the Atlanta "F"alcons.

Washington State University's logo is a roaring cougar... also spells out "WSU"

The Denver Broncos logo was designed by a well known apparel company...

...look at the Bronco's nostril for a familiar swoosh.

The Carolina Panthers logo is obviously a Panther...

but did you know...

it is shaped to resemble the borders of South Carolina and North Carolina?

The Houston Texans has a menacing Texas themed steer as it's logo but what's that...

a little bit of foreshadowing?  The Lombardi Trophy in the negative space?

And one for fun...The Chicago Bulls logo is actually an upside down robot reading on a park bench.

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