Thursday, April 29, 2010

Step 1560: Embrace Technology - Why I love Twitter

I know it's inevitable. I will become an old curmudgeon and reminisce about the good old days of iPods and regular good ol email. Something will come around that won't make much sense to me and I'll never understand why so many people are using it. That hasn't happened yet and I'm glad! I will admit, when Twitter first hit the scene I had my reservations. Excuse the language but this is exactly what I expected 99% of Twitter to be:

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And it probably most definitely is. What really turned me around on Twitter was the Iranian protest coverage. It was insane how quickly and accurately I could be updated on that incident without having to turn on a TV or wait for an article to be written. I was instantly hooked.

I do admit, I follow a handful of celebrities that really have no bearing on my life (the cast of Community cause that is an awesome show), the other ones I follow provide an endless source of quick and easy entertainment.  
I mean c'mon, Conan O'Brien's ( latest tweet is worthy of a giggle: "I just ran into Ellen DeGeneres on the Warner Bros lot and we played ping pong. I think she's really into me."

I also follow every Green Bay Packer and feel as if I am part of the team. I'll even send them a tweet and they'll actually respond! You can bypass the secretaries and be right at their fingers. It's fun knowing that they to are concerned about the draft or upcoming opponents and not just rich guys playing a game. 

One of my favorite Twitter moments was going out to dinner one night with my girlfriend and aunts. I checked on my Twitter account (I use Tweetie and noticed that CNN posted a tweet that Tiger Woods was in the hospital after a severe car accident. At the time I was concerned but then another tweet came out that Elin bashed the windows with a golf club. We immediately laughed it off that Tiger Woods was probably caught cheating and she went nutso.  Little did we know...little did we know....

And lastly, you have a pulse on America on any issue. The greatest thing about it is the absolutely terrible tweets that come from it. For example, #letsbeclear is currently a trending topic.  Look at this gem:
#LetsBeClear gurls shud never call a man a scared coward and still think they getting a gifth for watever holiday its jus not right


Or that Arizona immigration bill:
@Mellie321 what is arizona,isnt it that town???


My twitter name is howtobeJimmyK if you wanted to follow along. What do I tweet about? Just funny musings that pop into my head.

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