Friday, April 2, 2010

Step 2: Vow to update blog on a consistent basis, change air filter

I recently moved from Madison, Wisconsin back to my homearea of Northern Virginia (NoVA) and because of that tradition, I have neglected this blog and many other responsibilities. Here is my apology list for the first trimester of 2010:

I apologize…
1. to my one known follower and others who stumbled upon this blog. At a minimum, I wanted to try to update this on a daily basis. From here on out, I will force myself to update it with anything.

2. to anyone who has been witness to my underwear experiment. My underwear from high school has finally met its match and it is due time for me to buy new ones. The experiment is over and I have decided to retire the boxer briefs in favor of trunks.

3. to the silver Toyota Camry I honked at. I did not realize that you were being held back due to the octogenarian driving in front of you. That honk was for you old man.

4. to my student worker who bought my LCD TV. I forgot to include the remote and did not send it to you in a timely manner.  I understand a TV without a remote is worse than any torture imaginable.

5. lastly to America. I regrettably thought to myself before the USA v Canada gold medal hockey game that the USA wont be able to pull it off.  I was correct…u-s-a….u-s-a….U-S-A!…U!-S!-A!

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