Saturday, April 3, 2010

Step 221: Develop Allergies Late in Life

When I was a young Jimmy boy I could eat, touch, and sniff whatever crossed my path without any consequence.  Now I can't wake up without hocking up chunks of salted creamy lung butter.  I am an eco-minded quasi-environmentalist, why is Mother Nature hellbent on waging war with me? 

I grew up with a cat and now a cat's meow sends shivers down my ear canal.  I can feel each cat hair crawling down every orifice and picking away at every pore.  Pollen was never ever a problem before but now I can't breath properly without a tree's sex products invading my respiratory system.  Popping in a couple of generic Claritin's and Zyrtec's work for about five minutes until they're overcome with the airborne allergen du'jour.  

There's no message or meaning to this posting other than I hate allergies.  Allergies can go pound sand.  

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