Monday, April 26, 2010

Step 31: Cut your own hair, dont cut your own hair

Throughout college, I saved a good chunk of money by cutting my own hair. My roommates and I plopped thirty dollars down on a home clipper set and we were ready to reap the benefits. Our plan of action? Throw a #4 or #6 on it and buzz each other away (boxer shorts and white A-shirts was the popular attire).

I then graduated and had a steady paycheck coming in. No more of those bachelor shenanigans for me! I found a real great place in Madison, WI called Cha Cha ( All the people who worked there had tattoos up the ying-yang (and other parts as well) and the speakers played songs that were streets ahead (Community reference) of what was on the radio. I really enjoyed going there since it felt like a hipster version of the movie Barbershop. The best part about Cha Cha? My barber Brandon gave the best haircuts I ever had. He wouldn't even pull out scissors or clippers! He would cut my hair (no matter the length) with just a straight razor. Plus, the front would always toss a couple of frosty ones my way while I was getting cleaned up.

Now that I am unemployed, I had a decision to make. Spend the little money I have to make myself look presentable or cut my own hair for free. I opted with the only right answer. Problem: I thought I, with no experience whatsoever, could cut my hair sans clippers and scissors.  Here are the results:

Pretty proud of myself if I have to say so. I’m beginning to think I might have found my calling. Hmmm...looks a little thin above my ears....

Ahhhh!! Okay not too bad, just a little bit of scalp.  I can grow that out or comb it over, can't I?

Those are definitely patches of scalp showing. This picture was taken four days after my incident, it was easily worse before. And that's the last time I cut my own hair…or until the next time I watch a YouTube video showing how to do it correctly.


  1. Just go bald like I've been doing for the past couple years, can't mess that up....just ignore that large scar on the side of my head....