Monday, April 12, 2010

Step 96: Install different car horns for different situations

The problem with car horns is that not all honking situations are created equal. When you are on the road and are the recipient of a car horn, the first thought that probably crosses your mind is: "What is honking their at me?" (pardon the French, but you know it's true). Immediately after asking that question, you quickly ascertain that the light is green and you're holding up traffic.

I want to install three different horns in my car:

1.  A car horn that hornifies an "excuse me", "pardon me", or a "*cough*…ahem." The onomatopoeia would be similar to 'poot poot'. A perfect scenario would be at an intersection and you need to inform the driver ahead of you that the light is indeed green.

2.  A car horn that hornifies a "woaaaah, watch it!", "com’n man!", or a "dude! wtf?!?"  This onomatopoeia could be a "Haauunk! Haaaunk!" This would be used to verbally show your displeasure at another driver.  For example, at a four way stop when you clearly have the right of way and some proceeds into the intersection out of turn or at a cyclist who forgot that he is indeed riding a bike and will suffer longer consequences than the automobile if a crash occurred.  This horn could also be used to pester neighborhood dogs.

3.  A car horn that horrifies a "this is gonna hurt me more than it'll hurt you."  This onomatopoeia would probably be "FLRuaAARGGGH."  Hopefully I'll never have to use this one but this would most likely be used in the event the brake lines are severed and I am careening through a busy street of pedestrians.

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